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The Info FX team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in IT. Our counselors are there for you. They'll help you achieving your goals and optimize your processes.

integrator In1Touch in Quebec

in1Touch: a highly configurable, robust, web accessible data management platform. Operate in an environment of continuous improvement and do so with predictable, reasonable costs. Compared to similar platforms in the market, you can install, and maintain, more functionality throughout the solution lifecycle for a lower total cost of ownership.


Softwares Development

Optimize your work by making it simpler and faster.
Our experts will evaluate your needs in order to offer you the best customized solution.

Analyze and evaluation
of your needs
Creation of personalised
Optimization of
existing software
and test

Network and support

We offer the possibility to review or create your network to optimize and improve it. It’s important to exchange data inside your business through an adapted network structure. Along with it, we give a well suited IT support.

Analyze and evaluation
of your needs
Building servers
and buisness networks
Maintenance of
servers et networks
Thechnical support
7 days, 24 hours

Hosting and Web sites

At Info FX, we don’t rely on a third party to host your Web sites. We own powerful, safe and reliable severs to offer you many plans at the best price.

Analyze and evaluation
of your needs
Creation and realisation
of Web sites
Content management system
of Web site (CMS)
Optimization and modification
of Web sites
by email
Hosting and management
of domain names